Techoil is an intelligent and integrated end-to-end cloud software product for the oil trading industry. It assists in managing risk and operating complex integrated supply chains for crude products, distillates, petrochem & bunkers. Techoil solution is an off-the-shelf and flexible solution that easily integrates with other back-office applications and market data engines through standard APIs.
We understand that energy trading companies are impacted by a number of factors, which make calculating and optimising margins difficult to solve. Energy markets are constantly changing which make market dynamics harder to understand and difficult to predict. The window of opportunity for traders is ever decreasing. The complex supply chains need constant monitoring and flexibility. Inatech has developed Techoil which helps organisations streamline everything from trading, hedging, credit, cash flow, operations and inventory of oil products.
Techoil helps:
  • Buy, store, sell and hedge any type of oil products from a single platform
  • Manage risks (market, operational and counterparty)
  • Control operational complexity (costing, supply chains, multiple geographies, inventory)
  • Simplify decision making through a consolidated view of the business

Inatech is a global provider of intelligent cloud-enabled and on-premise consulting, ERP implementation, managed services and marine solutions.

Inatech’s Marine Solutions Division is a leading provider of intelligent shipping and bunker procurement management solutions. Shiptech, its flagship solution, is a feature rich, cost-efficient, integrated platform designed specifically to address the bunker procurement needs of modern shipping companies.

These solutions are delivered by a development team that is supported from offices around the globe based in the US, UK, Singapore, Dubai and India.

Our approach is based on a ‘high-touch’ model, where we work closely with you to map out your requirements and operations during an engagement phase. The goal is to identify the gains and benefits in your fuel procurement ecosystem and to jointly review potential outcomes during the procurement optimization project.

We partner with you throughout the project and our unique tracking tools help you monitor performance.

  • Windows Azure backs up infrastructure data regularly and validates restoration of data periodically for disaster recovery purposes.
  • Windows Azure includes replication features detailed below to help prevent loss of customer data in the event of failures within a Microsoft data center.
    • Recovery from local failures within a datacenter is handled through multiple fault domains for file storage (at least 3 copies)
      • Document stored in Azure storage are synchronously replicated to 3 different storage nodes
      • Database replication (at least 3 copies) through SQL replication, for data.
    • Recovery from a major failure of a datacenter located in a region through geo redundant replication.
  • Inatech has its own business continuity plan which covers the below backup policy
    • Hourly database backup saved to same zone; this is used primarily to address data loss because of user action. (Maintained for rolling 2 days)
    • Nightly backup saved to different seismic zone, (Maintained for rolling 7 days)
    • Backup of client data will be taken before any deployment is made to application
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