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What is Techoil ?


Techoil is an integrated ETRM system with pre-integrated ERP for physical oil traders.

We understand that energy trading companies are impacted by a number of factors which make calculating and optimising margins difficult. Energy markets are constantly changing which make market dynamics harder to understand and difficult to predict. The window of opportunity for traders is ever decreasing. Complex supply chains need constant monitoring and flexibility.

Techoil helps organisations streamline trading, hedging, credit, cash flow, operations and inventory. It assists in managing risk and operating complex integrated supply chains for crude products, distillates, petrochemicals and bunkers.

Developed using Inatech's extensive knowledge and experience of the oil market, Techoil is an off-the-shelf and flexible product that easily integrates with other back-office applications and market data engines through standard APIs.


Companies involved in trading in the physical supply of oil products.


Crude oil


Jet fuel


Base oil

Techoil, a purpose built system for the
physical oil trading industry


Techoil benefits


Create opportunities where others see challenges

  • Manage Risks:
    • Hedge market risk.
    • Manage counterparty credit risk-payment delays, bankruptcy.
    • Minimise operational risk including - schedule, delays, demurrages.
  • Be in control of operational complexity and directly impact profitability:
    • Apply variable and complex costing methods.
    • Control inventory losses.
    • Cater for different oil products with different needs.
    • Manage the varied supply chains: rail, road, vessel or pipeline across different geographies.
  • A consolidated view of the business simplifies decision making:
    • Faster decision making with accurate data from integrated and automated processes.
    • Business position visibility.
    • Credit line visibility across multiple companies, bank accounts, counterparties, currencies, geographies.
    • Liquidity management.
    • Financial instrument management.


Better insight, improved profitability

  • Improved profitability through trade economics, accurate pricing formula and MTM.
  • Improved visibility on daily positions/exposures.
  • Maximum flexibility on both the buy and sell side to lock in margins in back-to-back trades.
  • Decision making made easy. Visibility of all positions (short, long) on a daily basis with live data from market insights and front, mid and back-office.
  • Transparency: Full visibility of physical trades (spot and term contract) from the trade capture to the payment of the invoice.

Risk Manager

Effectively manage exposure

  • Improved hedge performance improves decision making - yielding improvements in P/L, MTM and reduced exposure to negative credit events such as margin calls.
  • Readily react to industry changes through the availability of integrated information.
  • Develop an effective regulatory compliance program.


Streamline operations, drive efficiency

  • Improved transport planning and increase options for schedulers and operators.
  • Reduce additional operational costs.
  • Reduced operational risks via saved penalties and fees. As a result of reducing errors in areas such as scheduling, invoicing and payments.

Finance Manager

Reconcile trades in real-time

  • Plan: Full visibility on financials from AR, AP, GL to bank facilities and counterparty credit management.
  • Improved auditability and controls reduces the chance of compliance issues and decreases the costs of an audit.
  • Control though enforced security: Permission based and user role configuration.
  • Customer credit management.
  • Manage complex bank facilities - multi-company/ bank account /geography.


No integration headaches

  • Integrated solution from trading to invoicing.
  • Faster setup and implementation.
  • Built to support standard APIs and custom adaptors such as market prices, back-office application ERP or custom built.
  • Reduced technical and business maintenance and workaround costs vs. replaced systems.
  • Free upgrades, support and maintenance.
  • Secure and disaster recovery capable.
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